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The Rainbow Group has a very positive attitude to ensuring that every employee has the full qualifications needed for their immediate role and that the more progressive employees attain the knowledge and skills required to take on opportunities for advancement as they arise.

Some qualifications are determined by regulation, the most obvious being driving licences. The Group approach, however, goes beyond the formal requirements. For instance our phased approach to the new Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) ensured that implementation for current staff took place ahead of schedule. Coupled with the above, driver training now formally emphasises defensive driving to improve safety, fuel consumption, emissions and waste brought about by component wear.  

Working with professional advisors, risk assessment is a prominent feature of all aspects of the business. Induction training in safe handling techniques is compulsory for all operational staff and procedures are in place to cover working with hazardous materials. 

The training needs of new recruits are assessed according the requirements for their role and any pre-existing qualifications held by them. In a few cases, such as graduates, a training programme has been established involving formal external training coupled with experience in various sections over a period of time. In other cases self-teach courses have been sponsored and group training sessions have been organised in-house. 

The Group subscribes to a number of magazines and other publications to keep up to date with the freight industry and related industries such as packaging. All forms of media are used to provide staff with up-to-date information.

Staff Development and Training