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All freight is carried subject to an approved combination of the nature of the goods and the packaging and labelling. Specific arrangements are made with our representatives and may entail recourse to expert advice, inspection or analysis of freight. In some circumstances it may be necessary to conduct trials prior to the acceptance of freight. Most forms of freight are covered within our standard terms but it is possible that certain goods might attract additional insurance premiums or in extreme cases may only be carried at customer’s own risk.

The following freight categories have been specifically identified as vulnerable but may be carried on a premium insurance or an uninsured basis depending on the precise proposal and circumstances. We may also propose special Rainbow transport, packaging, labelling and/or handling arrangements to achieve acceptance:

· Porcelain, ceramics, glass, china, Perspex, acrylics, fibre glass

· Second-hand goods other than antiques, unique objets d’art  and jewellery

· Reproduction and legal copies of objets d’art

· Foodstuffs which are non-perishable within 30 days

· Electronic components

The link below is to a web report listing the principal activities of businesses successfully using Rainbow Group delivery services according to their UK Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC). This serves to indicate the very wide variety of industries regularly making use of our services.


Web listing of Rainbow freight users since 2003 by SIC Code


Specific unacceptable categories are:

· Goods that are infected, infested, verminous, condemned or unstable

· Bullion, money, securities, stamps, tickets or vouchers exchangeable for value, furs, jewellery, precious metals, precious stones,   unique objet d’art, antiques, wines, spirits, tobacco, cigarettes, watches, living fauna, oil-filled products

· Pornographic or obscene material

· Firearms

· Goods requiring special conditions of temperature or humidity

· Goods which are perishable within 30 days

· Pallets in excess of 2 metres high or 1000 kilos in weight

· Fireworks and hazardous products exceeding LQ (limited quantity) regulations

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Freight Specifications and Insurance