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Health and safety

The health, safety and welfare of employees are our first priorities. It is self-evident that vehicles out on the road, heavy loads, mechanical handling equipment, workshop machinery and energy plant have the potential for injury if handled unsafely or where guards or protection are not provided or used.


You may have seen from other pages that health and safety training play a large part in the activities of the Group. Correct practices are also built into agreements with employees and penalties can be imposed against those that put themselves or others in danger.

Contractual terms

From the career pages you can see that there are many varied roles and qualifications involved in the operation and that there are variations at depots according to local circumstances. For these reasons, whilst there are several standard contractual terms, such things as pay and hours vary widely. In each region job markets are monitored to ensure that pay rates remain competitive.

The main terms are provided in writing in the form of a job offer which is followed up within a few weeks (maximum 2 months) with a formal detailed contract. In some cases this Contract of Employment refers to supplementary documents such as the Drivers Handbook which also forms part of the contract.  

The Drivers’ Handbook covers a wide range of information including such topics as vehicle maintenance, goods handling, breakdown/accident procedures, European Drivers’ Hours Regulations, Working Time Directives, delivery documentation, driving standards and tachographs.


All employees are encouraged to discuss their roles with management. In some cases there are formal means of communication such as driver de-briefing but in any case all employees have recourse to a hierarchy of senior management for matters they wish to raise.

Conditions of Employment