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The Rainbow Freight Group’s acceptance of its social responsibilities extends into all areas of the business. Our policies have the full support of management at the highest level and cover commercial best practices in the fields of employee welfare, health and safety, staff development, waste management and the wider environment.

Our operations planners adopt a flexible approach reacting to demands and circumstances on a daily basis. In this way, as a multi-user carrier, we aim for high vehicle capacity loading and efficient route planning to contain the overall number of journeys and distances travelled. This is not only better for the environment but also helps to drive down costs for the client. Vehicle fuel consumption is recorded electronically on a daily basis enabling any wasteful practices to be identified and corrected immediately. At this point the use of hybrid and plug-in vehicles has extended as far as the car fleet but developments are being closely monitored to determine the time when such a switch can best be made within the commercial fleet.

At our main offices, warehouses and workshops at Newark, LED and induction lighting have been introduced throughout to cut down energy usage and extend lighting component lives while at the same time improving the quality of lighting for more efficient and safer working. Workplace risk factors are constantly assessed in conjunction with professional advisors. Induction and ongoing training are in place to ensure the use of safe freight handling including working with hazardous materials. Wherever possible, biodegradable, recycled and recyclable materials are recommended to customers for the outer packaging of consignments.

Care of data, especially customer and employee data, is given an extremely high priority in terms of confidentiality, security and integrity. Regular backups are maintained and held in secure facilities including safe offsite copies. Other than required by legislation, or by prior agreement, sensitive and personal data is never shared with any third parties and is only shared within the business as necessary for staff to carry out their legitimate job functions.

Significant changes are in progress to pursue the ideal of the paperless office. In particular, in-cab handheld devices are being introduced to obtain consignee signatures for goods delivered and to automate and speed up communications between drivers, traffic offices and customer services. In this way the use of paper will be greatly reduced and operational efficiency greatly increased.

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